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Door County Sightseeing & Tours

There's nothing like the "cook's tour" of a place. Door County holds many gems off the beaten path. Get to know Door County with an insider's perspective on the Door County Trolley's guided tour. Let the Cherry Train introduce you to the unique character of Washington Island. Hop aboard the Spirit of LaSalle and explore the waters of Green Bay while enjoying a Sunset Concert Cruise at the same time. Discover Door County on your own armed only with a map and guidebook. Whatever your approach your adventure of discovery begins here.

Sightseeing Sampler

View a list of Tours offered throughout the county.

Check out our Sundae Drive trip ideas.

Take a Winery Tour and taste some of our great spirits!

Charter a boat for Fishing or Relaxing.

Explore Door County by Water with a sailboat, kayak, or canoe tour or by embarking on para-sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing or waterskiing excursions.

Visit all 5 State Parks and local parks too.

Explore the many picturesque Lighthouses of Door County.

Other Sightseeing & Tours