Apr 30, 2018


Congratulations to Bridgeport Resort founder, Fran Shefchik – recipient of Door County Economic Development Corporation’s Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award. Bridgeport Resort is a sponsor of the Door County Economic Development Corporation.

The Door County Economic Development Corporation announced April 24th, 2018 that Fran Shefchik was awarded the very first Door County Lifetime Achievement award. This award was created to recognize an individual who has made a substantial impact on the business community and enjoyed significant accomplishments during their career in Door County. The award presentation was made during the sold out DCEDC annual investors meeting at Stone Harbor Resort & Conference Center in Sturgeon Bay. Throughout his life, Fran Shefchik has graciously shared his time, his talents, and his resources, both corporate and personal, for the betterment of others.

He is the founder of PortSide Builders which has served many in Door County and beyond for 40 years. He started the company on 18th Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, emphasizing three key elements: Customer Focus, Respect, and Teamwork. He engaged his employees in new and innovative ways, has ensured they are able to take pride in their work, and provide for their own long-term financial security.

Fran has worked continuously, both in the forefront and behind the scenes, to promote all small businesses in the community. He believes a strong business community benefits everyone.

Fran’s generosity and compassion towards others are well-known throughout Door County. He has given greatly of himself to all types of local causes. Whether it is a charitable event, a civic need, or a local resident with a medical situation, Fran is there to assist.

Bridgeport Resort in the early years…

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