Jan 22, 2018


Bridgeport Resort is an ideal location to host a family get together. Suites are roomy with the three bedroom Utopia able to accommodate up to eight. Many people believe that Door County is “closed” for the winter, but that is not the case. Here at Bridgeport Resort, we are open year round. No matter how cold it gets outside, our indoor pool, whirlpool and splash play area are warm and cozy. With the onsite children’s play area, fitness room, complimentary movies and games there is always something to do. Many of our families plan their Door County Christmas at Bridgeport Resort year after year.

We are always happy to hear about your visits to Bridgeport Resort however you wish to share them… by letter, email or even on Trip Advisor! We recently received this letter from the Bergman family and wanted to share their experience and picture with you.

“One year our entire family came to Bridgeport to celebrate the final chemo treatments for one of our own. We decided to have our Christmas celebration here as well. That was nearly ten years ago. We all have been coming to Bridgeport the weekend before Christmas ever since. The 14 grandchildren have grown through the years and so have our memories of all being together to celebrate our holiday season. We have discussed going to a different place, just for a change, but we all agree that Bridgeport will always be where we come every year. The grandparents have made this tradition possible, and as long as we can be together, Bridgeport is where we want to be….together, making memories.”

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