Need A Digital (Mobile) Key?


We are now able to offer you a mobile key during your stay with us! You do need to install a phone app JustIN Mobile to be able to use your phone as your room key. After you install the app you just need to open it and set it up. To acquire the just ask the front desk when you are checking in for your stay.


Changes in 2021?


What to expect now that things are starting to settle down with Covid-19:

  • Housekeeping daily service is still suspended 
  • Linen Baskets and garbage can be placed in the halls to be replenished/removed
  • The pools and Gym are open with no restrictions 
  • The Sauna is still closed 

Recent Property updates:


This is just a few of the changes to take place since the start of Covid-19:

  • New Salto Door Locks 
  • New carpets 
  • New blinds (almost finished)
  • New room phones (started replacing)
  • Tree removal around the property
  • Update around our Bridgeport Welcome sign
  • Two new grills
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