At check-in:

Please be ready to present a valid state issued photo ID or passport with the credit card you wish to use during your stay. We are unable to check you in without a valid ID or major credit card. 

Payment in full is charged at 8:00 a.m. on the day of check in to the card on file. You will be contacted for payment if the card is not able to accept the charges. If payment is not able to be processed, your reservation will not be guaranteed and will be subject to forfeiture. You may request the payment to be refunded and charged to a different card or method of payment upon arrival. If you request the initial payment to be refunded and placed on a different credit card at a later date, the credit card processing fee of 5% will be charged.

You may cancel your reservation 48-hours before your check-in time (4:00PM CST). Your $25 deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation during the 48-hour window will result in a charge for the reservation in its entirety.

All Reservations require a $25 non-refundable deposit charged at the time the reservation is made, no other deposit is required.

Check-in: 4:00PM 
Check-out: 11:00AM

Must be 21 years old to book and check into rooms. 
Children under 18 cannot sleep alone in a room. They must be in the care of an adult.
All rooms and common areas including balconies of the hotel are non-smoking areas. 
For a reservation to be considered as such, there must be a written confirmation from the hotel.
It is the exclusive responsibility of the person requesting the reservation to verify that the confirmation corresponds to the request.

Special Requests: 
Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability. Early check-in and late check-out are not guaranteed.
Special requests are not guaranteed. We will attempt to honor specific room requests including, but not limited to: room location, floor request, placement near other guests, specific room number request. 

Hotel information: 
The front desk is open from 8AM to 9PM (Sunday-Thursday) 8AM to 10PM (Friday-Saturday).  
The pool opens at 8AM.
The pool will close at 9PM (Sunday-Thursday) 9:45PM (Friday-Saturday).  
The Front door entry will need a key to get in after 9PM until 7AM (Sunday-Thursday) 10PM until 7AM (Friday-Saturday). 
After Hours Assistance is available by calling 920-746-9919. 

Late Check In Procedure:
You must notify the hotel by 8PM on your date of arrival if you will be checking in after the front desk closes. Guest services will arrange for your keys to be placed into a lock box and provide a code so you can gain access to your room. 

Stay over housekeeping service will not be provided.
• Please use the laundry basket in your room to put out any unwanted items that you would like us to remove. (soiled linens, garbage, etc.)
• Please fill in the form attached to the laundry basket and items will be replenished. (coffee, linens, etc.)
• Please put your basket out by 11:00 a.m. each day.
• Additional supplies are available at the front desk. Please stop by and show your key card during guest service hours or dial "0" on your in-house phone.
• For disinfecting purposes, kitchen items have been reduced. Additional items are available upon request. Please see the list on your fridge.


• Kings/Premium Kings: Two (2) Guests
• One Bedroom Suites: Four (4) Guests
• Two Bedroom Suites: Six (6) Guests
• Three Bedroom Suites: Eight (8) Guests
• Two (2) additional unregistered guests permitted between 8:00AM to 10:00PM 

• Minors must be accompanied by an adult (minimum eighteen years of age)
• No glass products of any kind are allowed in the pool area. 
• Occupancy: Maximum allowed guests per room type plus an additional two guests  
• Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Wristbands are required for pool use November 1st to May 23rd

• Minimum eighteen years of age is required.
• Minors may not use the fitness room at any time, even with an adult. 
• Guest keys will allow entry to the fitness room between 4:00am and 11:00pm. 

• From 8:00PM to 8:00AM 

• Loud music and/or voices will not be tolerated
• Noise levels will be acceptable as judged by Bridgeport Guests and Hotel Staff  
• Horseplay, unacceptable behavior is not permitted in any area of the facility 

MINORS (Seventeen Years and Under): 
• Parents/Chaperones are responsible for the conduct
• Children will always be accompanied by an adult
• 10:00PM curfew for minors will be strictly enforced 

• Smoking is not permitted anywhere: Guest Rooms, Common Areas and Patios  

• The maximum room capacity of your room plus two guests may not be exceeded at any time, in any area of the building. 
• The use of tape, staples, nails or any adhesive is prohibited on any surface of your room. 
• Glitter, confetti, streamers, garland and silly string or any other substance causing excessive mess is prohibited.   

• $250.00 fee for smoking or pets in a guestroom or on a guest patio
• $50.00/hour
 fee for extra cleaning as deemed by the Management Team  
• Damage or Loss will be assessed at the full rate of repair and/or replacement  

Bridgeport guests who cause a disturbance or fail to adhere to the policies/guidelines will be warned once. If the situation persists, the guest will be asked to check out of the hotel. Failure to comply will result in removal by the Sturgeon Bay Police Department.

*Important: Money, jewels and other valuables are brought to Bridgeport Waterfront Resort at the guest’s sole risk. Bridgeport and / or the management accept no liability and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereto and guest remains solely responsible for the safekeeping of any such items.  

Notwithstanding any method of payment, you agree that you are personally liable for all costs and charges incurred in the event that any such costs and charges are not paid in full and confirm that it is your responsibility and liability in that regard is not waived or release in any way. You consent to this by checking into Bridgeport Resort.

Pet Policy:
No pets are allowed at Bridgeport Resort 
ESA (Emotional Support Animals) are not allowed 
Service Animals covered under the ADA are allowed

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