Please use our online reservation system to check our availability for the dates you wish to stay. If a room is not available for your preferred time, please feel free to call us as we might be able to advise of any recent changes. 


Online Reservations require a $1 non-refundable deposit, no other deposit is required.


You may cancel your reservation for no charge 48-hours before your check-in time (4:00PM CST). Cancellation during the 48-hour window will result in a charge (first night room). 

At check-in:

Please be ready to present a valid state issued photo ID or passport with the credit card you wish to use during your stay. We are unable to check you in without a valid ID or major credit card. 


  • Check-in: 4:00PM 
  • Check-out: 11:00AM
  • Must be 21 years old to book and check into rooms. 
    • Children under 18 can not sleep alone in a room. They must be in the care of an adult.
  • The hotel does not accept pets.
  • All rooms and common areas including balconies of the hotel are non-smoking areas. 
  • For a reservation to be considered as such, there must be a written confirmation from the hotel.
  • It is the exclusive responsibility of the person requesting the reservation to verify that the confirmation corresponds to the request.


Hotel information: 

  • The front desk is open from 8AM to 9PM (Sunday-Thursday) 8AM to 10PM (Friday-Saturday).  
  • The pool will close at 9PM (Sunday-Thursday) 9:45PM (Friday-Saturday).  
  • The Front door entry will need a key to get in after 9PM until 8AM (Sunday-Thursday) 10PM until 8AM (Friday-Saturday). 


Occupancy Overview:

  • King: maximum 2 people 
  • One Bedrooms: maximum 4 people
  • Two Bedrooms: maximum 6 people
  • Three Bedrooms: maximum 8 people
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